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SAP Circles

ACNAG_Team_on_WorkThe Salzburg SAP Circle started in march 2007 at the Salzburg AG. It takes place  end of November always at a different ACN-customer. Since 2017 we have been organizing the Munich SAP Circle in parallel. Goal of that evening event is to give the operator - in little time with actual presentations - an understanding of the latest development and solutions of the SAP-world. The presentations are targeted on an optimsed implementation of SAP and are given in cooperation with our customers. The event provides a exchange of experiences and networking between the SAP users.


Send us an email and we will add you to the attendance list.



30.11.2023 Commend International, Salzburg 

ACN SAP Circle 2023

CO-PA_vs_CO-MA within S/4HANAAGRANA - QM Portal as SAP Cloud (BTP) SolutionWhat's NEW in SAP S/4HANA 2023

20.10.2022 Kaindl Floor House, Salzburg

25 Jahre ACNWhats New UPA und UAEmbedded AnalyticsAlte ABAP "Hodern"Konzernbewertung Praxisbeispiel; a href"images/KAPE_ACN_Circle_2022_Präsentation.pdf"""SAC Planung und Reporting

25.11.2021 Online SAP Circle

News S/4HANA FinanceSAC S/4HANAGRANA - QM Portal as SAP Cloud (BTP) Solution

26.11.2020 Online SAP Circle

Financial Planning and Analysis; Product-Lifecycle-Costing

28.11.2019, Geislinger, Salzburg:

SAP Circle 2019 AGENDA; Alltag im Krankenhaus; FIORI; RAR Revenue Accounting; SAP WM Strategy; S/4HANA Migration Approaches; Massenreklamation; MAG Impressionen

21.11.2019, GEMA, München:

a title="SAP Circle 2019 Agenda München"""SAP Circle 2019 Agenda München; Alltag im Krankenhaus; FIORI; RAR Revenue Accounting; SAP WM Strategy; S/4HANA Migration Approaches; Massenreklamation; MAG Impressionen

 29.11.2018, Infineon, München-Neubiberg:

Agenda SAP Circle München;   Entrepreneur Model;   Wandel vom CFO zum CPO;   Next_Generation_Planning;   Machine_Learning;   Large-Scale Brownfield;

22.11.2018, Salzburger Landesklinik, Salzburg:

AGENDA SAP Circle 2018 Salzburg;   Wandel vom CFO zum CPO;   Entrepreneur_Model;   Machine_Learning;   Next_Generation_Planning;   S/4HANA_Brownfield;   SAP FIORI

 30.11.2017, Commend GmbH, Salzburg:

24.11.2016, Salzburg AG, Salzburg:   

26.11.2015, Palfinger AG, Salzburg:

  • Vortrag1, Vortrag2, Vortrag3, Vortrag4, ahref="images/Events/2015-11-26%20Palfinger/20151126%20-%2013%20%20SAP%20Circle%20-%203%20-%20SNAP%20Oberflächentechnologien.pdf"""Vortrag5

26.06.2014, Geislinger, Salzburg:

19.04.2012, Salzburg AG, Salzburg:    

20.10.2011, Geislinger:                      

16.06.2011, WKÖ, Wien:                    

14.04.2011, Commend, Salzburg:

28.10.2010, SALK, Salzburg:

15.04.2010, Kaindl, Salzburg:           

 19.11.2009, Lotto Studio, Wien:        

05.03.2009, Sony, Salzburg:           

16.10.2008, Atomic, Salzburg:           

29.05.2008, Miele, Salzburg:              

15.11.2007, Kaindl, Salzburg:            

07.03.2007, Salzburg AG, Salzburg:  

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